Friday, June 24, 2016

Right to cancel a refinance loan.

When a borrower signs a loan the package includes the form: Right To Cancel, also known as the Right of Rescission.  If you sign today, you will have 3 business days to cancel or keep the loan.

The document has 2 dates.  The first is the date of signing. The second is the rescission date(or the last day to cancel) which happens 3 days counted from the day after the signing occurred.

There are calendars that helps the Notary Signing Agent, lender, bank, or the agent drawing the loan package to determine that day.  Below is the calendar I use from NNA.

The consumer Financial Protection Bureau has more information., other sources are Bankrate , Endevor America, NNA,


Apostille Service in California. Servicio de Apostilla y traduccion.  Carmichael Spanish Notary.

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