Thursday, June 16, 2016

Notary Public Background Check

The National Notary Association mentions why a background check for Notary Public Signing Agents is necessary. "Why do I need to participate in a background screening?
In order to guard borrowers' private financial information, the mortgage industry requires all persons involved in the lending process to undergo background screenings. Lenders in turn instruct title services companies to ensure that everyone with access to mortgage documents has been screened. This requirement applies to everyone handling loan documents, including Notaries who act as Signing Agents."

Notaries talk about issues regarding the background check. Read or ask questions at the Notary Rotary forum, Notary Cafe forum, or 123Notary Forum.

Some companies ask you for a background check, some others don't. So call them and ask their policies, will they give you higher fees, how secure is your information in their hands, will they accept background check from recognized companies?

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