Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Home Equity

As a Notary Signing Agent you are expose to refinance loans, buyer and seller packages, reverse mortgages, HELOCs, Home Equity Line of Credit; now, what is Home Equity?
Home Equity: Current market value minus liens.
Liens: Is a claim on a residential property for the homeowner's unpaid bills like a mortgage. A lien is a legal document filed through the office of the recorder or court clerk in your county of residence.

As Mr Johnson explains:  Your home equity is an asset that indicates how much of your home has been paid off and is fully owned by you. If you purchased your home outright with cash, lucky you; your equity is simply the total amount of your home’s appraised value. However, most homebuyers have to finance real estate purchases with a mortgage.

In this case, your home equity is simply the market value of your home minus the current balance of your mortgage. Your first stake of equity in your home is your down payment, and your equity increases as you pay down your mortgage loan and/or as your home’s value appreciates.

So you can use that home equity by getting a second mortgage, HELOC or buying a new home.

Want to know the value of your home?
Ask Rick Johnson or watch his short video.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

What happens if you don't have a will?

Many times I am asked to notarize a will. In California a Will has to be dated and signed by the testator. ... we do not notarize a Will like some other states do. However, what happens if you do not have a will?  That is part of Estate Planning.   Read this example.

Last week the New York Times reported that Aretha Franklin died at the age of 76 without having a Will or Trust in place. The Queen of Soul left behind an estate valued at nearly $80 million dollars, which number is expected to grow, given her valuable musical works. In light of this revelation, many are wondering, what will happen to her assets?

Who gets her money? Not her grand kids, charities or her unmarried life partner. Although the star’s failure to sign a Will does not mean immediate peril for her estate or loved ones, the lack of proper estate planning will result in unnecessary delay and the loss of millions of dollars. When a person dies without having a valid Will in place, a set of state laws called intestate succession provides that a decedent’s property will pass to his or her direct surviving heirs. In Aretha Franklin’s case, she is survived by her four sons. Accordingly, her estate will likely be equally divided among her sons. However, this distribution scheme may not have been what Ms. Franklin had in mind. For example, at the time of her death, Ms. Franklin was in a long-term relationship; however, she and her partner never married. Under current intestacy laws, in order to inherit from your partner’s estate you must have been legally married at the time of death. Accordingly, it is unlikely that Ms. Franklin’s life partner will receive a share in her estate. Additionally, it is reported that one of her sons may have special needs. If an individual with special needs inherits directly, he or she could lose any aid currently being received and they may be otherwise at risk of harm. The musical icon also had a host of grandkids. By failing to execute a Will or Trust, no provisions can be made for their college or healthcare through her estate.

Without proper planning, children with special needs may be harmed. Estate planning includes planning for those with special needs. Very often, individuals with special needs receive state aid, such as Medicaid, Social Security and even special housing. There are estate planning strategies, i.e., Special Needs Trust planning, one can use to create a legacy for their loved ones that will not jeopardize that individual’s eligibility for extra help. In addition, a Special Needs Trust is administered by a Trustee, whose responsibility it is to secure the assets in the Trust. At times, when people with special needs inherit directly (not through a Trust), they may be at risk of being harmed by those around them.

The lack of proper planning means the estate misses out on efficient tax saving deductions! Aretha Franklin, an American icon, was well known for using her platform and deep pockets to support racial and woman’s equality initiatives. Given that Ms. Franklin neglected to sign a Will or Trust, her estate will not include any legacy distributions to advance any of these charitable causes. The lack of proper estate planning also means that her estate will miss out on crucial tax savings deductions, such as an estate tax deduction for charitable gifts. Presently, the federal estate tax rate stands at 40% for estates that exceed $11.2 million dollars. Luckily, for most Americans estate taxes will not be an issue; however, this is not the case for Aretha Franklin. It is unlikely that the legendary crooner would have wanted nearly half of her estate to be paid over to the tax authorities versus creating a legacy through charitable trusts to support her interests.

The failure to plan could mean the estate’s loss of the superstars’ music rights and digital assets Highly specialized estate planning is required in order to protect the rights of an estate to a deceased artist’s royalties, musical works, and extremely valuable digital content. These rights are all governed by a mix of contract, copyright, and intellectual property law. Ms. Franklin’s failure to execute a Will means that her estate can possibly lose the ability to (1) market her musical works, (2) continue receiving income from the music she left behind, and (3) control how her music is used on a public platform.

  Conclusion – everyone, famous or not, should have their end of life and estate planning affairs in order. Ms. Franklin is not alone when it comes to legendary stars dying without a Will. The same thing occurred to Prince, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and a host of others. Given these stars' impressive careers and undeniable access to legal representation, one would think that their end of life affairs would all be in good order, but sadly, this was not the case. Proper estate planning is important for everyone, famous and non-famous alike. Executing your advance directives lets you decide who should be in control of your affairs, how and to whom your assets should be distributed, and what tax saving incentives your estate can benefit from. For more information, please call our office at (916) 729-1307 or visit our website:

Monday, June 4, 2018

Real Estate Transactions. Seller Closing.

Lourdes Mendoza, Real Estate Agent, Fusion Real Estate Network

"I consider myself extremely fortunate to be doing exactly what I want to do in life. In my case this means working with my family and friends, friends of my friends, and other personal referrals to buy and sell real estate in the greater Sacramento area, as well as in Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties. I lived in Marysville until I graduated from Lindhurst H.S. After H.S., I was off to CSU Sacramento where I obtained a B.S. in Communication Studies. Coming from an agricultural, migrant background, my parents did not have the means to pay for my college education so I put myself through school by working in the fields during summer break and then by working as a student assistant. While in college, I experienced my first major success in life. I was able to travel abroad and live in Sweden as an international student for one year. One of the most rewarding experiences! I knew then that anything was possible. I felt very proud to live in a different culture and to be able to adapt so well. The highlight of my year abroad was traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia. I enjoy being a Realtor because I love working closely with individuals and learning about their goals and dreams of home ownership. I am excited to assist individuals in attaining their goal of homeownership. The most important thing to know is, I am professional and I seek education in order to stay current on an ever changing Real Estate market. I would never expect to be given your business because of our relationship, or how we may know each other. However, if you ever have a residential real estate need, I would be extremely honored if you would give me an opportunity to work hard for you to earn your business. Thank you so much for taking the time read a little about me. It is appreciated. "

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Notary Advertising

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