Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FHA Home loan to build your home.

FHA-backed construction mortgages are available for site-built, manufactured and modular homes. Generally, when homebuyers have their homes built from the ground up they use construction loans followed by permanent mortgages. Fortunately, a mortgage product called a "construction-to-perm" loan is available that doesn't require two separate loans complete with separate closing costs. While a construction-to-perm loan might seem likely only for more well-to-do homebuyers, the Federal Housing Administration actually does offer its own version. An FHA one-time close mortgage truly allows you to have your home built and financed under one loan.
FHA's one-time close mortgage is offered by banks approved to lend using FHA-insured mortgages. Additionally, an FHA one-time close mortgage can be used for traditional site-built as well as manufactured or modular homes, including their lot purchases. Each FHA-approved one-time close lender, though, decides just what home types it will include in one-time close financing. For instance, some lenders only offer FHA one-time close mortgages for modular or manufactured homes while others also offer them for site-built homes. More

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sacramento CA Estate Planning Elder Law Attorney

Sacramento CA Estate Planning Elder Law Attorney

Establish Inter Vivos Trusts for Your Children, And Use Restrictions Creatively. http://sacramentoestateplans.com Law Office of Joan Medeiros Sacramento Estate Planning, Elder Care, Medi-Cal assetts protection, probate, living trusts, estate administration, special needs trusts, wills, power of attorney, planning for children, revocable trusts

Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Reasons to BUY Instead of RENT

10 Reasons to BUY Instead of RENT

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We've all been told that renting is basically just flushing money down the toilet, here are some great reasons to buy this year instead of renewing that lease!
  1. You can FINALLY paint that purple accent wall you've always wanted.
  2. You can stop relying on your landlord and his 'professional' maintenance crews.
  3. You get to cut off that landlord all together - no more rent increases!
  4. You don't have to share a washer/dryer with the neighbor down the hall.
  5. You don't have to share the utility bill with them either.
  6. Your rent payment is probably more than a morgage payment.
  7. You can actually make your living space feel like a HOME and not a dorm room.
  8. Your monthly checks turn into a real investment instead of just a throw away.
  9. You can replace that noisy refridgerator.
  10. You finally get to say 'I own this joint!'
What are some reasons you would rather own your own place instead of rent? We'd love to hear from you!

1st Eagle Mortgage is a full service mortgage company. We work with over 15 different lenders so we can find you the loan that best fits your needs at the best rate on the market. We strive to make the loan process as painless as possible for our clients. Our professional staff is with you every step of the way, educating you on the loan process and answering any questions you might have.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mortgage paperwork

CFPB Reports on Consumer Frustration With Mortgage Paperwork

Paperwork Desktop Pic
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published a report which finds that many consumers are frustrated by the short amount of time they have to review a large stack of complex closing documents when finalizing a mortgage. The bureau also released guidelines for an upcoming eClosing pilot project to assess how electronic closings can benefit consumers as they navigate the mortgage closing process.
“Mortgage closings are often fraught with anxiety,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “We have taken action to address some of the problems consumers face, but more needs to be done. Our eClosing pilot project will provide valuable insight into how to improve the closing experience for consumers."
This report and guidelines are the latest components of the CFPB’s Know Before You Owe mortgage initiative, which is designed to improve the home-buying experience for consumers. In November 2013, the Bureau issued a rule requiring two, new easier-to-use mortgage disclosure forms that clearly lay out the terms of a mortgage for a homebuyer. The first form is a Loan Estimate, which provides a summary of the key loan terms and estimated loan and closing costs. The second form is a clearer Closing Disclosure, which offers a detailed accounting of the transaction. The bureau is now in the process of preparing for this rule to be implemented in August 2015. This report and the upcoming pilot program are not part of a rulemaking process, but rather are designed to promote best practices in the marketplace.  More National Mortgage Professional.

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Notary associations

To keep up with Notary updates, laws, issues is good to be associated with an organization that provide all that information.  Here is a summary of the benefits of the American Association of Notaries.

To fully and confidently succeed in your notary profession, you need a strong partner with the right tools. With the American Association of Notaries Membership Program, we will partner with you and provide you with the expertise you need to do your job right. You'll also have your own web page to market your notary services, skills and availability.
Our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you and answer your questions promptly and accurately. In addition to online notary education and home study training materials, expert professional services, and great discounts on all of our quality products, we will research your unique questions and circumstances and provide you with the right answers to meet your individual needs.
Why pay more? Our low membership fees of only $19 per year will provide you with so many benefits!
Member program includes:
American Association of Notaries Logo
  • Quarterly subscription to the Notary Digest Newsletter, keeping you informed of new trends and laws.
  • Earn 5% in discounts and 5% in rewards redeemable on your next purchase.
  • 'Members only' specials offered throughout the year that save you money on all notary supplies and training materials.
  • Unlimited expert technical support that will help you maintain your good standing as a professional notary.
  • 'Members Only' log-in area on our informative website: members.usnotaries.net
  • Unlimited use of our logo on your business cards, letterhead, and advertising, establishing you as a professional notary having an alliance with a leading expert notary organization.
  • Free listing in our National Notary Locator to help you advertise and market your services..
  • Calendar and Event reminder with email notification reminder to help you keep track of your important meetings.
  • E-record book that can be accessed 24/7 (check your state laws for compliance).
  • Free reference support letters if needed.
  • Timely notary commission renewal notification well before its expiration, to avoid a lapsed commission.
  • Address and name change forms filed with your state’s notary administrators upon notification from you.

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Loan Signings, San Jose Notary, Apostille service.

Several times I was asked how much I make per loan signing. There are lots of variables that can affect the price, the local market, supply and demand, operational costs and time. An experience notary from San Jose, California, summarizes it very well:

Please consider, that what you "make" per signing varies from person to person, state to state, loan signing to loan signing. You cannot just tell yourself "I made $100 on that loan signing" without considering the time and expense you spent in completing that loan signing assignment. A typical loan signing takes 3 hours from the time you get the first call, to you filing away your "paid" invoice. 90% of the time the loan signing agent is responsible for printing both sets of loan documents. All this takes time and materials. Paper and toner are not cheap, nor is gas to get you to and fro. No one in their right mind would do a loan signing package for $20. The fees vary greatly, depending on many factors, but range from $100 ( for overnight loan documents) to $150-$200 for e-docs (documents the notary signing agent prints for the signer and the lender, which is pretty much the majority of loan signings) with many other prices in between. The numbers I mentioned are for experienced loan signing agents, who know what they are doing. Some one with no experience, can ask for those fees (remember you set your own fees) but they better not mess up, because the loan process is often under time constraints, and errors on your part can cause someone to lose ther loan lock etc. New loan signing agents will often work for less, to gain experience, but should remember to raise their fees as their knowledge and experience grows. The successful loan signing agent, has a working knowledge of loan documents, and a meticulous attention to detail. There is no "license" you obtain to do loan signings, but you do need to know what a loan package consists of. Most people who get into this line of work, and are successful, have a background that gives them the edge they need to be up and running. You can find a loan signing agent class, try (http://www.notaryrotary.com) but experience is the only teacher I know of that really pays off. The market has changed in the past couple of years, with a very noticable slow down in most real estate markets, which has affected the loan signing business. This business should be approached like any other business, with a plan in mind. There are many costs involved, supplies, massive amounts of paper, laser printer (not inkjet) and many things to consider in getting into this business. E&O insurance is expected, advertising expenses can add up, Maybe your wife is already in a related field, which would be helpful, otherwise, she needs to figure out where to get clients, how they will find her (you need a web presence) etc. There are also many shady companies (signing services, that act as a go-between) out there that prey on new loan signing agents, If you are unaware of their reputation(s) you will find that they either never pay you for work performed or take many months, and phone calls, etc. to pay you. You must always research each and every company that calls you for an assignment to see if it is the sort of company that will serve you well. You will not be able to get direct work from title companies without at least 3 years experience, and you often need an inside connection.

Sheila Meinecke has been in business since 2005, she provides general Notary Public and loan signing services in San Jose.  Her services:

 What is a Notary Public? California Notaries Public are commissioned by the Secretary of State as a public officer qualified and bonded under the laws of a particular jurisdiction for the performance of notarial acts, usually in connection with the execution of some document
Why use a Mobile Notary? In today's competitive and fast-paced world, individuals, businesses, and others needing documents notarized, no longer tolerate the inconvenience of having to leave work or home to sign important documents. I offer the convenience you desire. I will come to you to ensure that the needed documents are correctly and expeditiously signed, dated, notarized and returned, if needed. What do I need to know before meeting with a Notary? Each signer must present one of the following valid photo ID cards, current or issued with the past 5 years: United States Driver's license Non-driver's State Indentification card issued by the California DMV Driver's license from Mexico or Canada US military ID card Foreign passport stamped by the USCIS Current U.S. passport Notaries Public are prohibited by law from rendering legal advice of any nature during or in conjunction with a Notarial Act. If you have any questions, please consult an attorney PRIOR to contacting a Notary.
Sheila Meinecke http://www.mynotaryservice.comsan-jose-notary.jpg

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Tips for Darin to happiness:

  • Strengthen bonds with family and friends. Studies show that having close relationships is one of the most important elements of a happy life.
  •  End marital conflict. If you're constantly arguing about the unkept lawn, or the moldering laundry, see if you can throw some money at the problem.
  •  Upgrade your exercise. Studies show that one of the quickest and surest ways to boost your mood is to exercise.
  • Think about fun. Ask yourself - and be honest - what's fun for you? Fishing, bird-watching, travel, hunting through flea markets, experimenting in the kitchen, skiing, scrapbooking?
  •  Serenity and security. Peace of mind is critical to happiness, so use the money to pay down your debts or to add to your savings.
  •  Pay more for healthy food. It's a sad fact that fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods are more expensive than fast food, but eating healthy will pay off in the long run, in terms of your good health and energy.
  •  Spend the money on someone else. One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy.
  •  Think about YOUR priorities. As always, the key to any happiness question is to know yourself, and what makes YOU happy.
Darin Marquardt has been a Mortgage Consultant / Senior Loan Officer for more than fifteen years helping thousands of families obtain their mortgage financing goals. He has a strong passion for real estate, and enjoys working with, and educating, everyone from first-time buyers up to real estate investors seeking creative financing. 

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