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Loan Signings, San Jose Notary, Apostille service.

Several times I was asked how much I make per loan signing. There are lots of variables that can affect the price, the local market, supply and demand, operational costs and time. An experience notary from San Jose, California, summarizes it very well:

Please consider, that what you "make" per signing varies from person to person, state to state, loan signing to loan signing. You cannot just tell yourself "I made $100 on that loan signing" without considering the time and expense you spent in completing that loan signing assignment. A typical loan signing takes 3 hours from the time you get the first call, to you filing away your "paid" invoice. 90% of the time the loan signing agent is responsible for printing both sets of loan documents. All this takes time and materials. Paper and toner are not cheap, nor is gas to get you to and fro. No one in their right mind would do a loan signing package for $20. The fees vary greatly, depending on many factors, but range from $100 ( for overnight loan documents) to $150-$200 for e-docs (documents the notary signing agent prints for the signer and the lender, which is pretty much the majority of loan signings) with many other prices in between. The numbers I mentioned are for experienced loan signing agents, who know what they are doing. Some one with no experience, can ask for those fees (remember you set your own fees) but they better not mess up, because the loan process is often under time constraints, and errors on your part can cause someone to lose ther loan lock etc. New loan signing agents will often work for less, to gain experience, but should remember to raise their fees as their knowledge and experience grows. The successful loan signing agent, has a working knowledge of loan documents, and a meticulous attention to detail. There is no "license" you obtain to do loan signings, but you do need to know what a loan package consists of. Most people who get into this line of work, and are successful, have a background that gives them the edge they need to be up and running. You can find a loan signing agent class, try ( but experience is the only teacher I know of that really pays off. The market has changed in the past couple of years, with a very noticable slow down in most real estate markets, which has affected the loan signing business. This business should be approached like any other business, with a plan in mind. There are many costs involved, supplies, massive amounts of paper, laser printer (not inkjet) and many things to consider in getting into this business. E&O insurance is expected, advertising expenses can add up, Maybe your wife is already in a related field, which would be helpful, otherwise, she needs to figure out where to get clients, how they will find her (you need a web presence) etc. There are also many shady companies (signing services, that act as a go-between) out there that prey on new loan signing agents, If you are unaware of their reputation(s) you will find that they either never pay you for work performed or take many months, and phone calls, etc. to pay you. You must always research each and every company that calls you for an assignment to see if it is the sort of company that will serve you well. You will not be able to get direct work from title companies without at least 3 years experience, and you often need an inside connection.

Sheila Meinecke has been in business since 2005, she provides general Notary Public and loan signing services in San Jose.  Her services:

 What is a Notary Public? California Notaries Public are commissioned by the Secretary of State as a public officer qualified and bonded under the laws of a particular jurisdiction for the performance of notarial acts, usually in connection with the execution of some document
Why use a Mobile Notary? In today's competitive and fast-paced world, individuals, businesses, and others needing documents notarized, no longer tolerate the inconvenience of having to leave work or home to sign important documents. I offer the convenience you desire. I will come to you to ensure that the needed documents are correctly and expeditiously signed, dated, notarized and returned, if needed. What do I need to know before meeting with a Notary? Each signer must present one of the following valid photo ID cards, current or issued with the past 5 years: United States Driver's license Non-driver's State Indentification card issued by the California DMV Driver's license from Mexico or Canada US military ID card Foreign passport stamped by the USCIS Current U.S. passport Notaries Public are prohibited by law from rendering legal advice of any nature during or in conjunction with a Notarial Act. If you have any questions, please consult an attorney PRIOR to contacting a Notary.
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