Friday, October 18, 2013

National Notary Association Notary Signing Agents Business Section

October 28, 2013.

I am a member of the National Notary Association Notary Signing Agents Small Business Section since 2003. Through the years I have received referrals from this page.

It is a good idea to keep your profile current so I was checking today for all the information and noticed that my Background Screening Expiration shows 07/2013 and not 07/2015.

 Their signing agent website does not shows properly:


That would explained why so many companies contacted me asking to update my background information. Fidelity National Title is requiring their affiliates, title companies, settlement companies, signing agencies to have their Notaries with update information.

It is probably a glitch in the programming and IT will take care of it.  So it's good for Notaries and any other professionals with profiles on the Internet to review and update their information often.

First call to National Notary Association regarding this issue was Friday 18, 2013. A rep said IT will take a look at it. Second call Monday 21, another rep repeated the same. Third call Tuesday 22... still the website is not updated.

That page shows a background check expired on July 2013. 3 months that I am receiving requests from companies updating my background check...

I'll keep updating...

Sergio Musetti, Sacramento Mobile Notary Signing Agent, Apostille Service, Spanish translation


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